Employee Stories: Santhoshkumar

Santhoshkumar G


Santhoshkumar G

Senior Manager – Merchant Sales Sales

Praxair’s reputation is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, calling cards in the industry. It definitely opens doors.

The key is to ensure you are delivering up to Praxair’s standards once that door opens for you.

From the day I joined Praxair as an Assistant Sales Manager, keeping the above sentiments in mind has enabled me to continue my growth at a steady and fast pace. As senior sales manager at this time, I realize how much my colleagues have contributed to my success. There is so much support here from my peers to senior management—and this support has accelerated my ability to learn the things I need to move ahead so rapidly.

I also want to commend the resources available to all members of the Praxair team in delivering outstanding results.

You add it up and it’s a recipe for success. We see it here every day.

If you have a good idea and you believe in it, Praxair will help you make it happen.