Our Hiring Process


Unleash your potential

Your career path can start with a few simple steps. Here are some things that will help you during the hiring process.

First-Round Interview

In the first round, whether it’s on campus or on by phone, we evaluate a number of areas including your technical and problem solving skills, and your creativity. In order to assess these competencies we conduct behavioral based interviews in person, by videoconference or by phone. This is an opportunity for you to showcase achievements and experiences from your work, educational and extracurricular activities, and ask anything you’d like to know about our company and our future growth. It will also help us understand how you can fit into our organization and culture, and help you make sure Praxair is the right place for you.

Following your interview, we will decide if you are the right match for our team. If selected, we will invite you to a second-round interview.

Second-Round Interview

In the second round, you will visit one of our locations where you can continue to showcase the skills you’ve learned through your education, past work experiences and extracurricular activities. This interview gives us the opportunity to further assess your skills for a specific job and gives you the chance to evaluate us as an employer. 

Following your interview, our team will meet and decide if you are the best candidate for the job.

Full-Time & Internship Offers

If selected, we will extend an offer and you will have the chance to follow up and speak with us about any additional information you need to decide if Praxair is the right company for you.