Employee Stories: Ramachandar DK

Ramachandar DK


Ramachandar DK

Business Development Manager

The fact that Praxair is the technology and market leader in the thermal spray business is one of the reasons I was so excited to join the company. Handling business development and sales for Praxair’s Surface Technologies business, has been an exhilarating experience because, while  every day presents new challenges, I have a high caliber team around me that makes success always possible.

My great joy is the development of people and I am very focused on creating the best sales force possible. In any organization, the team is always the key and Praxair has provided me with the resources to ensure we have what we need to be at the top of our game.

In fact, the most motivating part for employees is that Praxair is willing to nurture talent from within and give them opportunities and hands-on-experience in completely new areas. It’s a truly fair and open work place rooted in great values and culture.

It has been a great learning experience, made possible by the kind of freedom that enables one to reach their highest levels of productivity and satisfaction.

I feel my work has a positive impact on the world around me and I play a part in making our planet more productive.