Employee Stories: Joyster Pinto

Joyster Pinto


Joyster Pinto

Senior Manager-India (Lean & Six Sigma)

I’d like to  begin with a quote I  believe in :”The greatest discovery in life is discovering who you are…”. Praxair provides you  an opportunity to express yourself and know yourself better. Praxair has a structured process in creating a roadmap for you and your future and supports that with all the necessary enablers such as the right training, right tasks, the right priorities such as safety, and the right people from whom you can learn and grow.

In my present role as “Productivity Champion for India”, I am responsible for working closely with business leaders, regions and teams, in transforming manufacturing & business processes to be efficient & add value to our business and thereby enabling Praxair to remain competitive. Along the way, I also inhabit the role of a “change agent” by challenging the existing processes with a new approach.  Equally important is the role i play as a “mentor” when it comes to sharing knowledge of Lean & Six Sigma or coaching Praxairians in understanding the techniques & tools of Productivity better.

I enjoy my role and I can tell you that, every single day, I arrive at my desk knowing, I will be faced with brand new challenges and an equal amount of success.

The greatest discovery in life is discovering who you are…