Employee Stories: Ritesh Nath

Ritesh Nath


Ritesh Nath

General Manager-Steel & Combustion Steel & Combustion

I manage a team that’s tasked with developing new markets for industrial gases in the Combustion and Steel Industry. We build our business by ensuring we deliver the safest, highest value solutions for our customers and, as you can imagine, every day is filled with new situations we must tackle in order to succeed.

The professionalism and resources of the company, along with the collaborative nature of the team, sets you up for success. And while I knew much about the steel industry when I joined Praxair, the institutional knowledge within the organization is what has made me a true expert in the field.

What I have found, in my personal experience, is that the boundaries to your success are set only by your own limitations and that the opportunities to build a stellar career here are enormous. It’s the possibilities available at Praxair that make it exciting to come to work every day.

Opportunities to build a stellar career here are enormous.