Employee Stories: Milind N. Deshmukh

Milind N. Deshmukh


Milind N. Deshmukh

General Manager – Distribution

Back in 2008 I started off by managing field distribution activities and transport contractor management, an experience that set a good foundation for the responsibilities I would handle as the years went on.

Thanks to the training opportunities provided by Praxair on topics like how to manage my group functions more profitably, broaden my  leadership skills, operate safely, and effectively manage people. I am supremely confident working in the cross functional roles demanded of me—and I have seen where this training has readied me for leading our team in optimizing our business.

From expanding my skills through a Praxair-sponsored eMBA course from a reputable institution to feeling safe to take smart risks that build our business, I would tell anyone interested in Praxair that, if you take the first step, you will find enormous career-building support.

If I were to use one word to describe Praxair it would definitely be “opportunity.”

You can go as far as you’re capable of going. No one is holding you back.