Gas Mixtures


Adding accuracy and stability to the mix

At Praxair, we can offer the flexibility of supplying customized gas mixtures to the industries we serve. And with decades of experience in producing mixtures, we apply all the highest safety and quality standards to every blend we create.

Stargon™ Blends

Designed to meet the demands of your specific GMAW application, our Stargon™ blends are especially useful for those who use a number of GMAW process variations because they can be used for short circuiting, globular, spray and pulsed arc transfer.

Sterilizing Gas 8

A carbon dioxide based sterilant gas, Sterilizing Gas 8 is a non-flammable mixture with an active ingredient of 8.5% ethylene oxide.

HeliStar® Blends

Ensure precision high quality welds in the most pressing environments with Praxair’s HeliStar® helium-enhanced blends. Available in a variety of precise formulas, there’s a HeliStar gas to meet your GMAW, GTAW, PAW and laser welding needs.

HydroStar® Blends

These hydrogen-enhanced blends are available in a wide range of precision formulations for top-quality welding and cutting applications. So if you’re looking to enhance the quality of your welds in GMAW, GTAW or plasma welding, gouging or cutting applications, there’s a HydroStar® blend to meet your demands.

LaserStar™ Blends

Our LaserStar™ gases are used to generate the beam in a wide variety of carbon dioxide lasers. When used with a properly designed delivery system, LaserStar blends can help you achieve optimum laser performance, maximum operating duty cycle, and minimum maintenance costs.

Mig Mix Gold™ Blends

Spend more time welding and less time cleaning with our Mig Mix Gold™ Blends for greater productivity. Users report reduced spatter, less fume with little or no residual slag, so there is little to no post-weld cleanup.

Medipure™ Medical Gases

The Medipure™ brand name means you’re getting the gases that offer the highest levels of purity, consistency and compliance with government regulations — enhancing the quality of your medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology work and improve productivity.

RoboStar® Blends

Our RoboStar® blends for robotic welding are designed with a unique formulation that make them fit for all-position welding. These blends can also be used with a full range of metal transfers including short-circuiting, pulsed and conventional spray.

StarFlame™ C Cutting Gas

Burning hotter than other fuel gases, our StarFlame™ C Cutting Gas cuts quicker. And with the flexibility to deliver good results even when the cutting tip is too close to the workpiece or its distance opens up to two inches during cutting, it’s a great choice for hand-torch cutting.

StarGold™ Blends

Improve your operation with our StarGold™ blends. These mixtures help you produce less overwelding, reduce grinding, decrease fumes, and increase travel speeds. Get better weld bead shape and excellent weld metal mechanical properties with StarGold blends.