Nitrogen Stripping & Recovery


Better chemicals. Pure and simple.

One of the most challenging aspects of chemical manufacturing is obtaining and maintaining purity in your process fluids. The presence of oxygen, moisture and other soluble contaminants can damage your end products and even your processing equipment. At Praxair, we can offer a solution to this problem through a proven contaminant removal method called nitrogen stripping. Nitrogen stripping is a lucrative, inexpensive, value-adding processing step, applicable to a variety of chemical manufacturing operations. With our state-of-the-art nitrogen stripping systems and recovery technology, fluid contaminants are reduced to extremely low levels in a safe, controlled and cost-efficient manner. And our expertise in gas and liquid mixing makes us uniquely qualified to custom tailor a stripping system to match your precise purity requirements, fluid viscosity, operating conditions and process equipment.

Supersonic In-Line Stripping -

Batch Stripping -

Multi-Stage Column Stripping -

Other Stripping Methods for Special Situations -