Flat Panel Display (FPD)

Industrial gases & specialty gas products for flat panel displays

Resolving higher expectations

The display market is one of the most exciting and quickly evolving in the electronics industry. Today’s consumers have high expectations for their electronic investments, and we can help you build products that go above and beyond. We are an experienced supplier of industrial and specialty gases, and sputtering targets that provide the lightweight durability and sharp screens that are the hallmark of high-resolution devices.

Related Gases

Nitrogen Nitrogen rollover Nitrogen

Often used in cooling and purging applications, industrial nitrogen is essential in the production of electronics and semiconductors.

Helium Helium rollover Helium

Critical to the flat panel display market, helium is used as a coolant, and is also a key component in creating the controlled environments necessary to build semiconducting devices.

Silane Silane rollover Silane

Silane is a key raw material for the thin film deposition of amorphous and polysilicon films in the flat panel display industry

Phosphine Phosphine rollover Phosphine

Phosphine is used as a CVD source for n-type doping in semiconductor and display manufacturing.

hydrogen chloride hydrogen chloride rollover Hydrogen Chloride Mixtures

Hydrogen chloride is a key component in neon-based excimer laser gas mixtures that are used to perform the controlled annealing of polysilicon films.


Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets

Through extensive research and consistent development, we have produced a full line of high-quality sputtering targets for the electronics and semiconductor industry.

Electronics Equipment

Electronics Equipment

From purification systems to gas cabinets, we offer a complete line of gas delivery equipment and industrial products developed to help you store and handle hazardous materials more productively, efficiently and safely.


At Praxair, we partner with you to optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial gas services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply and improve your product quality.

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