UpTime® Sub-Atmospheric Gas Delivery System


Delivering ultra-high purity and safety

The UpTime® sub-atmospheric delivery dopant gas package is designed for use in ion implanters. The UpTime system offers high product capacity and product purity with low cost of ownership.

With multiple safeguards — a mechanical actuator, internal flow restrictor, and tamper-resistant valves and ports — the UpTime device is designed for maximum safety and operational assurance. Regardless of cylinder temperature, elevation or fill volume, the system delivers product only when a vacuum level of between 100 and 610 torr is applied to the use port. Product cannot flow from the UpTime package without a vacuum.

With significantly more useable volume per cylinder, the UpTime system enables fewer cylinder change-outs, eliminating countless hours of labor and tool downtime penalties. Loading more product per cylinder increases tool availability and lowers operator risk.

The UpTime gas delivery system is designed to maximize your total cost of ownership and process efficiency, and provides one of the highest levels of safety. Explore our UpTime product family to find the one that meets your needs.