Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion for Energy


A long-term solution that starts today

Praxair’s oxygen-enhanced combustion system leverages our 50-year expertise in combustion applications to give you a proven reduction in your boiler NOx emissions. Our proprietary technology uses a simple but efficient technique of adding a controlled amount of oxygen to the combustion process, leading to a cleaner burn and a substantial reduction in NOx formation.

Because of our longstanding relationship with the energy industry, we understand that NOx is not your only concern. Compliance issues are becoming more complex every year. And even as our system works to reduce emissions, it also helps you generate more power at better rates during profitable peak summer periods — which helps the system pay for itself. Its non-intrusive design allows for quick installation with minimal-to-no plant downtime. The comparatively low cost of Praxair’s oxygen-enhanced combustion system takes care of your NOx issues today, and leaves you with the financial resources to address tomorrow’s needs.