Beef & Pork


Beefing up your productivity

Whether your end product is burgers for the grill or a roast for a special occasion, Praxair can help you maintain the quality, texture and taste of your beef and pork. Our cryogenic freezing and chilling systems deliver faster heat transfer to preserve the quality of your product with minimal weight loss, all while helping you increase operational efficiency and save money.

Related Gases

Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide rollover Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide helps protect the taste, texture and quality of your beef and pork products by maintaining proper temperature control in cooling, chilling and freezing processes.

Nitrogen Nitrogen rollover Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an essential part of immersion freezing, the fastest freezing method for individually quick frozen (IQF) foods. It also plays a key role in reducing spoilage, discoloration and off-flavors in your beef and pork.


Freezing and Chilling Meat

With our cryogenic systems, you can achieve rapid and uniform heat removal from your beef and pork to a targeted temperature. This preserves the quality with minimal weight loss, ultimately preserving the value of your final product. Even if you have limited floor space, our custom-built systems can adapt to existing configurations, allowing you to quickly add additional cooling capability.

Meat Mixing

Adding Praxair’s cryogenic carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen to your meat mixing operation can help you keep your product at an optimal temperature and slow bacterial growth. Properly chilled products allows for the perfect blending of fats, flavorings and spices to help with accurate and repeatable forming of patties and other products with exact dimensions and weights.

CO2 Snowing Beef

Removing heat with carbon dioxide snow is an economical, precise way to cool your beef and pork products at any point in your production. Praxair snow dispensing devices are available in a wide range of sizes and types, and can stream CO2 snow from any orientation. Plus, the snow particles are much more consistent and uniform, delivering highly effective snow cooling.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

MAP Trayed Red Meat

We offer over 200 specialty gas blends to help you diminish microbial growth and slow spoilage of your beef and pork products. Choosing the proper atmosphere means achieving the right combination of gases also minimizes discoloration. Praxair's ExtendaPak™ line of gas mixtures helps ensure you get just the right atmosphere for your red meat product. Find the right blend to fit your needs.