Controlled Atmosphere Stunning


Controlling the harvesting process

Controlled Atmosphere Stunning

At Praxair, we have years of industry leading experience in the use and handling of carbon dioxide for food processing. And we’ve used what we’ve learned to develop our new controlled atmosphere stunning systems for both turkey and broiler processing.

Each of our systems employs a multi-step cycling of carbon dioxide to render caged birds inactive. The three guiding objectives of the Praxair CAS process are to:

  1. Anesthetize the birds with minimal aversive reaction to the change in carbon dioxide levels
  2. Immobilize birds to avoid wing flapping of the birds and injury to both the birds and the workers
  3. Desensitize birds to ensure they do not regain consciousness during processing


We created an on-truck CAS system to help turkey processors improve yield and productivity. Installed quickly and with minimal modifications to your existing trailer fleet, this system combines push-button simplicity with sophisticated controls for optimal effectiveness and worker safety.

Our state-of-the-art system quickly stuns turkeys while still on the truck, eliminating the need to handle active birds — improving animal welfare, employee satisfaction and product quality. This multi-stage carbon dioxide system increases concentration with each cycle to anesthetize, immobilize and desensitize birds. The system offers less wing, leg and thigh damage than those that shackle active birds, and less bruising and hemorrhaging in breast meat than electric stunning, to help you deliver higher product quality. Experience the first practical and economical approach to controlled atmosphere stunning for turkeys.

Turkey CAS System Brochure (3MB)


Praxair's CAS system for broilers has been developed to reduce the amount of damage that occurs during traditional harvest processes. By eliminating the flapping and agitated state of active birds, the system reduces bruising and wing damage to help you deliver a better product.

This economical and practical approach pairs your existing cages and infrastructure with our multi-stage carbon dioxide atmosphere process to desensitize and immobilize active birds while still in the cage. The multi-line system is placed prior to the tipper and utilizes your existing conveyor system, virtually eliminating the handling of active birds.

Our CAS system for broilers is currently being used to stun two or more cages at a time on parallel lines. Each cage is sent individually to the existing tipper and the empty cages are returned. The system is flexible enough to handle different production levels and offers an automated computer controlled process to keep your system up and running.

Broiler CAS System Brochure (754KB)