Hot Oxygen Technology


Turn up the heat without losing control

If you’re looking to rapidly burn hard-to-combust materials or preheat oxygen to high temperatures at point of use without large capital outlays, you’ve come to the right place. Praxair’s hot oxygen technology can do both. This versatile technology can be applied to a variety of applications in your steel mill.

Hot oxygen technology is a process in which a small amount of fuel is injected into an oxygen stream using a thermal nozzle invented by Praxair. The fuel is then fully combusted to heat up the oxygen jet. A high temperature oxygen jet (up to 1,650°C/3,000°F) is generated at the point of use, and directed through the exit nozzle into the customer’s process. The high temperature raises the injection velocity of the gas more than 150% and produces a high momentum, turbulent mixing jet.

This technology has the potential to work in a variety of applications, including pulverized coal injection in blast furnaces, partial oxidation (POx) of fuels and biomass without catalyst, sewage sludge destruction, and emissions reduction. It results in greater coal burn-out compared to alternative means of oxygen addition. In a blast furnace application, hot oxygen technology can increase powdered coal injection rates by 15-20 kg/t (30-40 lb/t). And it provides high levels of tar destruction in partial oxidation applications.

ASITech Hot Oxygen for Coal Combustion