Well Fracturing


Tapping into unconventional reserves

The ability to grow the breadth of oil and natural gas reservoirs has become central to meeting today’s energy needs. It is especially important in the U.S. to not only exploit conventional oil and gas reserves, but also to move into unconventional deposits such as coal bed methane, tight sands and shale, that are becoming an increasing percentage of our energy supply mix. To facilitate unlocking of these unconventional deposits, energy companies are turning to energized fluid fracturing (fracing) — and to Praxair.

As a trusted supplier of targeted products and services to the well services industry, we supply liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, transportation and logistic services, and primary pressure pumping to support energized fluid fracturing (fracing) throughout North America. We also operate a number of strategically located plants, a specialized fleet of vehicles, and dedicated pumping equipment. Depending on your geography, we are able to provide complementary nitrogen and carbon dioxide services to meet your oil field needs through an extensive network of subsidiary and joint venture partners. Let us help you tap into the unconventional.

Well Fracturing Brochure (1.2MB)