Cryogenic Lyophilization


Refrigeration you can depend on

Lyophilization is the preferred method for freeze-drying sensitive, high-value, sterile products such as biologic formulations, vaccines and non-aqueous solvent-based drugs. Though the method is highly effective, there are unique challenges in maintaining ultra-low temperature profiles in the freeze dryer chamber and condenser. This is where Praxair can help. With our non-freezing NCOOL™ cryogenic liquid nitrogen heat exchanger system built into your freeze dryer, you can fulfill these challenging performance requirements. Not only does the system allow for a wider range of control and temperature options than mechanical refrigeration systems, but with fewer moving parts, it also delivers a higher level of dependability and efficiency.

The capabilities of our NCOOL system are ideal for mainstream processing operations. Our technologies can help you improve process control and flexibility, increase efficiency and gain reliability in your operations.