Cryogenic Storage


Storage for the long term

Our wide range of industrial cryogenic equipment includes freezers designed specifically for freezing bone marrow, stem cells, pharmaceutical cell lines and other critical samples in high volumes. At Praxair, we understand that proper freezing of biological materials is critical to your process. That’s why we work with you to understand the materials you’re working with and help you choose the right equipment for your operations.
Cryogenic storage selector guide

Refrigeration Back-Up

When millions of dollars of intermediates, life saving vaccines and biological products are stored in distribution warehouses, patient wellbeing and company financial viability are on the line. More and more pharmaceutical companies have turned to Praxair for secondary and tertiary cryogenic back-up systems. So whether liquid nitrogen is used as a boost in -80°C storage or as a primary refrigerant in the case of catastrophic mechanical failure or power outages, we have the expertise to help. We’ll work with you to develop detailed emergency back-up plans to help you maintain your products inventory.