Direct Oxygen Injection for Fermentation


Inject optimization into your process

It’s an exciting time to be involved in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The potential of the industry is soaring and new innovations are developed every day. But as market demand for pharmaceuticals produced by fermentation increases, capacity shortfalls can limit your production and earning potential. This is where Praxair can help. Our direct oxygen technology can enhance production capacity without significant time, space or capital resources — allowing you to meet the growing industry demands while meeting financial objectives.

By selectively adding oxygen during the exponential growth phase of the fermentation process, our direct injection system improves productivity for a wide variety of biologic products. It provides a more effective means to dissolve oxygen within the fermentation media, enabling increased production capacity by up to 65%. Customers can also increase the production capacity of their oxygen-limited aerobic fermentation vessels while avoiding capital outlay, electrical infrastructure and power costs associated with new air blowers and expanded agitation systems. Simply put, Direct Oxygen Injection is innovative technology based on scientific mass transfer principles. And just one more way that customers can unlock their full potential with Praxair.