VOC Treatment & Recovery for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology


Cleaning up your output

Regulations for controlling hazardous air pollutants have become increasingly stringent. Praxair can help you lower emissions, deliver cost savings and be a good corporate neighbor all at the same time. Our volatile organic compound (VOC) recovery offering provides pharmaceutical and active pharmaceutical ingredient producing facilities with a low-cost air emission control option.

Our VOC recovery system is designed to efficiently treat an effluent stream generated by reactors, storage vessels, dryers, distillation columns or other means. By utilizing the cooling capacity of liquid nitrogen, we can efficiently and cost-effectively condensate VOCs, allowing the cleaned effluent to be discharged to atmosphere. The collected VOC solvent can be re-used, delivering cost-savings on top of compliance. Using sophisticated controls and accessories, the VOC system can separate out a broad range of contaminants. In contrast to many VOC treatment and recovery systems, our technology does not produce any secondary emissions such as combustion or wastewater. And with few moving parts, our system requires minimal maintenance and is safe to operate.

Cryogenic condensation offers a very high degree of control, with efficiencies exceeding 99%. It is also a versatile process, allowing for varying production demands and future growth requirements. This technology is particularly well-suited for intermittent and batch processes. For more complex treatment and post treatment needs, we also offer VOC recovery systems that utilize activated carbon adsorption for dilute effluent streams and solvent purification systems using internal reflux distillation technology. Regardless of the recovery system you choose, we provide built-in cost efficiencies — including the ability to use contaminant free vaporized nitrogen elsewhere in plant operations. Let Praxair turn our VOC technology expertise into cost saving solutions for you.