Hydrogen & Energy Optimization


Your operations, refined

Make the most of your hydrogen and energy supply with Praxair’s optimization services. Designed to uncover money, time and energy saving opportunities, these services can help today’s refiners improve their system’s efficiency.

Hydrogen System Optimization

Opportunities for optimization extend throughout the entire hydrogen system of a refinery and we have a team of specialists that can assist refiners in uncovering and capturing these valuable opportunities. During this process, our team will establish a baseline of today’s refinery hydrogen system and will perform what-if scenarios to evaluate how better integration and various hydrogen and energy technologies could improve system efficiency. We have a three-step analytic process to determine the optimal hydrogen system: 

  1. Refinery hydrogen system model and evaluation of hydrogen purity impacts and hydrogen recovery opportunities

  2. Analysis of the impact of hydrogen system changes on refinery energy systems

  3. System integration impacts (onsite hydrogen plant or “over the fence”)

Total Energy Asset Management (TEAM)

Extending beyond the scope of a hydrogen system, we also offer an integrated approach to operational optimization of refinery energy usage. This approach consists of:

  • Performing a site-wide energy balance by unit or cost center

  • Benchmarking each area and looking for variation from top tier performance

  • Factoring hydrogen into the energy balance

  • Developing an energy reduction strategy and a supporting energy improvement plan, including investment options in promising projects

  • Using the TEAM Energy model (Microsoft Excel® based) to monitor and manage energy performance in a continuous improvement fashion

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