Oxygen-Enhanced Reforming


Expand production. Shrink costs.

Hydrogen (H2) demands are growing across the refining industry due to strict environmental emissions regulations and increased processing of heavier crude oil. As costs associated with new H2 plant construction are escalating, a low-cost retrofit solution that can expand H2 production capacity at existing facilities is in demand. And Praxair is here to help. Our oxygen-enhanced reforming technology can efficiently and reliably expand H2 plant production by enriching Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) combustion air with oxygen. This low-cost technology can be installed at a low capital investment, with a quick turnaround and minimal plant downtime, and result in production increases of up to 20%. The demand for H2 within the refining industry will continue to grow as emissions limits for transportation fuels become more stringent and the nature of crude oil supplies changes. Stay one step ahead with Praxair’s oxygen-enhanced reforming technology, a great choice for retrofitting an existing bottlenecked SMR.

Oxygen Enhanced Reforming: A Low Capital Cost Retrofit Solution to Debottleneck H2 Plant Production Capacity (174KB)