SMR Performance Management


Peak Performance

At Praxair, we’ve developed a unique productivity toolset for SMR performance monitoring. Designed to improve SMR efficiency, our proprietary toolset helps operators effectively identify and respond to factors impacting productivity. Our system is comprised of a detailed monitoring tool and a first principles SMR model that provide timely insight into SMR productivity. This enhanced visibility can lead to substantial energy savings and increased hydrogen production efficiency.

The causes of SMR efficiency loss are varied, complicated and time consuming to discover. That’s why we developed the high fidelity monitoring tool for SMR performance and efficiency data. Created for Microsoft Excel®, the system delivers interactive data visualization charts that facilitate annual trend analysis with the capability to drill down to daily or hourly activity. It also gives operators the ability to interface with third party plant data historian systems and other analysis systems such as Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma.

Our companion First Principles material and heat balance model uses a robust, modular approach to rapidly close the heat and material balance for gases, steam and water. It easily identifies measurement errors and constraints within a specific energy boundary and returns quick and actionable results.

At Praxair, we know SMRs, We have designed and built over 34 of them and currently operate over 40 hydrogen production facilities around the world. Our modeling tools draw on decades of operational experience and best practices. Whether you’re looking to optimize energy efficiency or improve hydrogen production efficiency, our dedicated refinery team has the knowledge and the tools to help.

SMR Energy Performance Management Brochure (2.4MB)