Aeration & Odor Control


Freshen up your wastewater

What’s the best way to fight odors in the wastewater industry? Add a little oxygen. Adding Praxair’s pure oxygen to your existing process can raise the level of dissolved oxygen enough to reduce odors without further action. Even better, the use of a Praxair oxygen acetates treatment system will lower costs and help you meet your environmental goals. Our systems help you manage peak demand and increase capacity while reducing Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.

New environmental regulations are requiring wastewater treatment facilities like yours to reduce hazardous air pollutants due to stripping actions of air spargers and surface aerators. With the development of Praxair’s In-Situ Oxygenation (I-SO) System, we've combined the advantages of oxygen usage with a low-cost, high-efficiency dissolution process, reducing air emissions and increasing wastewater treatment capacity with minimum capital expenditure.

The I-SO System is a mechanical oxygenator that allows 90% or greater oxygen use and a high standard of oxygen transfer efficiency. When you aerate with our I-SO Oxygenation System, you increase bio-treatment capacity, significantly lower VOC emissions, reduce foam formation, control evaporative cooling effects and electrical power costs, and allow for greater variations in oxygen demand. With Praxair's I-SO system, it's easy to adapt a market-leading oxygen-enriched aeration technology to meet your site’s needs, short- or long-term, and based on your unique issue, we’ll help you select an approach that will make the desired impact.