Ozone Sludge Reduction


Control excess bio-solids

About 40-60% of wastewater treatment cost comes from the handling, treatment and disposal of excess sludge. As more restrictive regulations are put in place and energy costs rise, so does the cost of sludge management and disposal. This is where Praxair can help.

Our Lyso™ Ozone Sludge Reduction technology can reduce excess sludge by up to 80% with an improved approach that results in significantly greater lysis of secondary sludge streams. In addition to the reduction of excess sludge, Praxair’s system also delivers a significant reduction in cost for sludge disposal and treatment, as well as an improvement in the settling and dewatering characteristics of sludge.

Praxair’s Lyso system is fully automated and can be remotely monitored and controlled. The technology is patented and field-tested, and offers 75% reduction in ozone use when compared to competitive systems. We can address the financial, environmental and operational obstacles of excess sludge, mitigate foaming problems, increase process stability, and improve dewatering and effluent quality with no supplemental oxygen required.