pH Control


A safer alternative to acid

It’s no easy task to run your water treatment facility as efficiently as possible while still meeting capacity demands and environmental regulations. But, at Praxair we can help. We have extensive experience in using carbon dioxide to reduce pH in alkaline water for the water and wastewater industry. Replacing mineral acids with CO2 for pH reduction offers many benefits. By no longer buying or storing chemicals that can do more harm than good, you are making your site safer while also reducing costs. This improved process can help you manage peak demand and capacity increases, increase plant flexibility, and lessen your impact on the environment. And when you’re supplied by one of the world's largest carbon dioxide suppliers, you can explore this alternative with confidence.

If you are sending your wastewater to another facility for treatment, or if a high pH costs you money in extra fines or fees, our CO2 pre-treatment options can help you avoid those fees with a system that reduces your pH before the wastewater leaves your plant. CO2 is also a great choice for replacing harmful chemicals from your process.