Community and Environmental Engagement

Community Engagement

Together we’re making an impact

Community engagement at Praxair is an integral part of making our planet more productive.

Praxair India carries out all its Community Engagement activities under the Samvedana Banner.

Samvedana is a group of Praxair employee volunteers who are relentlessly working in the areas of health, education and environment across the country. Every Praxair India employee voluntarily donates a dollar or more every month to support this initiative.

The Praxair's global giving program has also come to the aid of local communities that have experienced natural disasters. Praxair matches employee donations to colleges and other community organizations and employees may apply for grants to non-profit organizations to which they donate their time and talents.

Samvedana as a concept was born out of the Bengaluru office. It was formed by a group of passionate employees who wanted to make a difference.

Samvedana and its activities have grown by leaps and bounds from where it started. What took off as an initiative to help fellow employees in need has now grown to become an independent entity that supports community care initiatives that make a positive difference in the local communities we operate in, across the country.

Community Engagement in Praxair is driven from the top and is a very integral part of our Global Strategy and the way we operate. As a philosophy every member of Samvedana now strives to find various avenues through which we are able to support causes we believe in.

Major Projects:

Tele-Rehabilitation Program
Praxair India employees have adopted a year-long project to support children with “Neuro-Muscular and Developmental Disabilities” at the Spastics Society of Karnataka (SSK). The Society provides a comprehensive Package of Diagnostic and Interventional Services to persons with cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, multiple disabilities and learning disabilities. Through this project the best medical, therapeutical and educational services are delivered to those in remote towns and villages of the state by renowned experts in the cities. This project funded by the global giving program will support 100 children for a period of one year. The program is also donating about 30 wheel chairs for the children at SSK.

Earth Day and Save the Lake campaigns
Earth Day is celebrated across Praxair India with great enthusiasm. Every location celebrates it in a unique way with the spirit of oneness. At the event several trees were planted and donated to the nearby communities. Employees conducted awareness campaigns, cleaning drives (including removal of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials) in their surroundings. Several eco-friendly promotional items were given to the employees and their communities to spread the message. A few regions also held road shows using Mobile Tableau. Through Samvedana, employees generously donated funds and other equipment to support various organizations. “Save the Lake” is another unique campaign dedicated to saving the dying lakes in the region. This is a United Way flagship program and Praxair India has received support from the global giving program to adopt a lake close to its Bangalore head office. This activity will focus on cleaning, rejuvenating and preserving the lake for a period of one year. At the end of the term the developed lake will be handed over to the local resident association for further maintenance. The program was launched by forming a human chain with over 600 people including key dignitaries and school children pledging to protect our lakes.

Save Vision, Save Life
Jindal Praxair Oxygen Company Limited (JPOCL) conducted several programs such as a blood donation camp and an eye screening camp to help the communities near their facility. The blood donation camp was organized in association with the Indian Red Cross society wherein more than 60 pints of blood were collected at the event. With the support of Netra Lakshmi Eye Hospital, volunteers conducted an eye screening camp in which more than 100 people were tested, close to 50 were diagnosed for ailments requiring surgery and about 50 were given medication free of cost. In a follow-up campaign the Praxair team donated apparatus for conducting surgeries and facilitated the eye operation for 20 patients.

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