Global Diversity & Inclusion


6_2_3_StephenAngel2_159x210.jpg Diversity of talent. Diversity of customers.
Diversity of suppliers. Diversity of experiences.
Making a world of difference.

At Praxair, we strive to create a work environment that treats all employees with respect, supports new thoughts and ideas, encourages growth and development, recognizes our differences, and embraces inclusion. Praxair is also committed to partnering with others to help ensure that we remain an employer of choice for the ever-increasing pool of diverse global talent.

As a high-performing global industry leader, we must attract, retain and develop a diverse, talented and engaged workforce that reflects the diverse populations in which we operate and grow our businesses. And we do this by providing strong, dynamic leadership, a challenging work environment, industry-leading performance, competitive pay and benefits, and rewards and recognition for outstanding performance.

Supporting organizations such as the National Society of Woman Engineers and the National Society of Black Engineers, working with children with disabilities in Rabale, India, and providing cultural awareness and training development for our own leaders and managers around the world are clear demonstrations of our diversity principles. We are proud of the world of difference we’re making with our people, for our customers and in our communities.

Steve Angel
Chairman and CEO

Vanessa Abrahams John

By proactively embracing Diversity & Inclusion, we can ensure that Praxair is the strongest competitor for the best and brightest talent in an increasingly diverse and competitive global marketplace.

Vanessa Abrahams-John Global Diversity Director