Safety and Environment


Ensuring a safe work environment

Praxair is consistently a top safety performer — five times better than the U.S. industrial average and three times better than the U.S. chemical industry average. And we maintain this level of safety by actively seeking out risk factors and continuously improving performance worldwide in every key safety metric. Learn more about how we keep our employees, customers, communities and the environment safe through our programs, policies and systems.

Personnel Safety

At Praxair, we believe accidents and injuries can be prevented and we are committed to doing just that. Through Sigma Six methodology, among other methods, we continue to identify the contributing factors to accidents and use our findings to develop and implement policies and practices to help keep our employees, customers, contractors and communities safe.

Distribution Safety

We take our product distribution seriously. From trucking to pipelines, we are committed to identifying and addressing risks to the safety of our drivers, operators and those in the communities where we operate.

Process Safety

Praxair's commitment to safety is reflected in programs such as our Local Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP) in North America and its counterparts worldwide. Through LEAP, Praxair's dedicated Safety and Environmental Services and Customer Service personnel provide a prompt, safe and effective response to emergencies at our customer sites.

Product Safety

The risks associated with the use of Praxair products are identified and addressed throughout all stages of the product lifecycle including product design, manufacture, marketing, distribution, use, recycle and disposal.


See how we work across disciplines, industries and sectors, with our employees, customers, suppliers and a range of other stakeholders to get more done with fewer resources and less environmental impact.