Distribution Safety


Safe deliveries

Delivering our products safely is a major focus for Praxair. We drive in excess of 266 million miles per year providing products to our customers — equivalent to 29 trips around the world each day. Our distribution safety programs begin and end with our employees. To ensure pipeline safety, our employees regularly monitor the lines via foot patrols and areal surveys. And to remain a leader in fleet safety, we employ some of the most experienced, highly trained fleet personnel in the industry.

Pipeline Safety

Many of our customers receive our products directly through our extensive pipeline network. We systematically and regularly patrol our pipelines to check for leaks and abnormal conditions because we believe that maintaining pipeline safety is critical — especially to those who live and work near pipelines.

There are several actions you can take to assist us in maintaining pipeline safety in your area.

  • Become familiar with pipeline locations
  • Know how to recognize and react to a pipeline emergency or abnormal condition
  • Call 811 before beginning an excavation

Trucking Safety

At Praxair, we emphasize driver and safety training and the application of advanced systems in our vehicles, such as vehicle automatic roll stability control, to keep our drivers and our product safe. See the chart below for the number of total accidents and high severity accidents reported per each 1,000,000 miles.

2007 3.36 0.45
2008 3.17 0.44
2009 3.16 0.43
2010 3.39 0.38
2011 2.82 0.27
2012 2.43 0.20