Process Safety


Effective emergency response

Our commitment to safety can be seen in such programs as our Local Emergency Assistance Program (LEAP). LEAP minimizes the consequences of emergency situations by providing prompt, safe and effective response to emergencies at our customer sites.

Through LEAP, our expert Safety & Environmental Services and Customer Service personnel work to ensure that every problem is resolved quickly and safely. Our North American LEAP network is comprised of more than 150 trained Praxair supervisors, location managers and technical representatives who can assist with emergencies. If an incident occurs involving a Praxair product, LEAP teams will:

  • Work with you to evaluate the situation
  • Help mitigate the incident
  • Work on any cylinder, container or valve problems
  • Provide assistance in the disposal of hazardous materials

LEAP works in conjunction with the Chemical Transportation Emergency Center (CHEMTREC), a program established by the American Chemistry Council, and also trains local police and fire departments. For direct access to LEAP, call 1-800-645-4633 or a Praxair facility near you.

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