Product Safety


Minimizing product risk

At Praxair, we have a team of business, engineering, operations and safety professionals that examine the potential environmental, health and safety risks of every new product. The entire lifecycle of the product is reviewed — from raw material procurement through manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal.

We use the following key management systems to promote product safety:

  • Risk Review: Identify the potential risks in each phase of the product's life cycle and the design features and management systems that minimize those risks.
  • Product Design Safety: Consider how a product may be used or misused and identify design features that could mitigate potential hazards.
  • Procurement Specification & Control: Verify compliance with purchased material requirements and specifications.
  • Manufacturing Control: Establish procedures and train personnel to ensure consistent product quality within product specifications.
  • Distribution & Installation Control: Establish procedures and train personnel to ensure safe product deliveries, storage and customer application.
  • Hazard Communication: Communicate information on the safe use and handling of each product in a timely manner through appropriate use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), product labeling,product use instructions, customer training and support.
  • Product Disposal: Establish procedures to identify products that are no longer suitable for customer use and refurbish, replace, or dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation: Report, investigate and analyze incidents involving our products misuse and disposal to learn more about product risks and take corrective action.