Supply Chain Transparency


Our transparency policy

We are committed to compliance with laws, and to upholding our strong standards of business integrity and related corporate policies, including those directed towards our suppliers and supply chain. These policies reflect our commitment to ensuring the absence of forced labor and child labor in our supply chain.

Praxair Supplier Management Program

Our executive management team communicates with our top-tier suppliers annually to reinforce our commitment to these policies and to remind suppliers of their obligations in contracting with us. In particular, our executives reaffirm that we expect business dealings with suppliers to be based on fairness, honesty, lawfulness, safety, environmental stewardship and social consciousness. We continue to assess the effectiveness of our strategy and, where appropriate, adopt policies and practices that improve our program.


At Praxair, we make our supplier expectations known. Our global procurement organization regularly discusses these expectations with suppliers upon qualification, contracting and during any audits conducted. All sourcing associates and managers receive training in Praxair’s supplier expectations and human rights policy.