Nitrogen Stripping


Purifying your process

One of the most challenging aspects of energy production is obtaining and maintaining purity in your process fluids. The presence of oxygen, moisture and other soluble contaminants can damage your end products and even your processing equipment. At Praxair, we can offer a solution to this problem through a proven contaminant removal process called nitrogen stripping. Nitrogen stripping is an inexpensive, value-adding processing step, applicable to a variety of operations. With our state-of-the-art nitrogen stripping systems, fluid contaminants are reduced to extremely low levels in a safe, controlled and cost-efficient manner. Our proprietary supersonic nitrogen injector can help reduce batch stripping times by as much as 50%. And our expertise in gas mixing makes us uniquely qualified to custom tailor a stripping system compatible with your precise purity requirements, fluid viscosity, operating conditions, and process equipment.

Batch Stripping

In batch operations, Praxair's supersonic in-line system is used with a recycle loop. Adjusting the recycle and nitrogen flow rates reduces undesirable components in batch reaction vessels and storage tanks to any level required.

Alternative batch stripping devices like gas spargers and porous, sintered metal plates are relatively simple in design and operation but are not as efficient as Praxair's system. Compared to sparging, our in-line system can help you reduce stripping time by up to 90%.

Supersonic In-Line Stripping

Designed for use in batch or continuous operation, our proprietary supersonic in-line nitrogen stripping system utilizes low-velocity supersonic two-phase flow principles to disperse nitrogen gas streams with shockwaves. It creates extremely fine nitrogen bubbles, resulting in a maximum mass transfer surface area. This system quickly offsets a low capital investment and subsequently decreases processing costs through the efficient use of nitrogen.

Installed easily and directly into your process piping, our in-line system allows convenient single-stage stripping of process fluids as they are off-loaded into your storage tanks or transferred from one processing phase to another. Multiple in-line systems installed along the same line minimize stripping time.

Other Stripping Methods for Special Situations

Processors can face operating and equipment constraints that necessitate the use of specialized methods, like nitrogen or vacuum stripping, or piping sparging. When confronted with a unique problem, we will assist you in designing a stripping method that satisfies your particular situation.