Small On-Site Nitrogen Gas Production


More Efficient. More Effective. More Reliable.

For more than 50 years, Praxair has been designing, building, installing, servicing and supporting small on-site nitrogen plants around the world. A 24/7 world that relies on Praxair’s advanced technologies, proven operation expertise – and round-the-clock plant monitoring from Praxair’s state-of-the-art regional operations centers. 

When you include our on-the-ground technical support teams, and an extensive liquid nitrogen network available for backup supply during routine plant maintenance periods, it’s easy to understand why Praxair's small on-site nitrogen plants have been considered a benchmark for more than a half century. 

From a nuts and bolts perspective, Praxair small on-site cryogenic nitrogen plants are:

  • Available to supply nitrogen from 200-5,000 Nm3/hr (10,000-190,000 scfh) at a wide range for purities and pressures to meet many nitrogen applications
  • Designed to optimize power efficiency to help you obtain the lowest cost gas nitrogen supply so, when your gas needs decrease, your plant will automatically adjust power requirements to maintain an efficient gas supply 
  • Designed to avoid wasting power during frequent facility shut downs and restarts
  • Installed with a liquid nitrogen back-up system to supply utilities to the small on-site plant and back-up the supply during routine maintenance
  • Set up to supply liquid nitrogen via tank truck to the tank so it can be vaporized into the pipeline automatically whenever your demand exceeds the plant supply capability